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Using FTP to Upload Surveys & Photographs to Cemetery Census

The following contains information on getting started with FTP file uploading.

The first thing you need is some FTP software.  Use the following link to download some free FTP software for Windows..


For other types Operating Systems, such as Mac OS and Linux, go to the following link to download FTP software from Filezilla


Install the software on your computer.  Here are some instructions for getting started with FileZilla:

Start up the FileZilla software.
Click on File and Site Manager.
Click on New Site.
Type in a site name, something like CemetryCensus.
Enter the Host Name:   ftp.apdew.com
Choose Logon Type as:  Normal
In the User Name enter:   uploads@apdew.com
In the Password enter:   cemetery
Click on Save & Exit

The above is a one-time setup.  Now you will just connect to the CemeteryCensus site.  The way to connect is as follows:

There is an icon below the word File. 
Click on that icon and it should open the site manager. 
Click on the site named CemeteryCensus.
Click on the Connect button.
That should connect you to the site.

The left side of the FileZilla windows shows the folders and files on your computer.
The right hand side of FileZilla shows the folders and files on the remote server.
You may drag and drop things from the left side onto the right side to start an upload.
Drag from right to left to start a download (server to your computer)
You can also drag and drop a folder on the left side onto the right side to start an upload of the folder.

You will be using a shared FTP space where you can upload files and complete folders from your computer.  Others may also be uploading files here, so it is best to upload folders from your computer.  Create a folder on your computer and name it with the cemetery name.  Put all the files for a cemetery into its own folder.  Then, upload the entire folder.

To upload a folder:  drag and drop the folder name on the left side window onto the right side window to start the upload.

Please let us know when you upload things for us.  We do not monitor the space for uploads.  And, we will delete things from the FTP space as we download them and archive them.

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